Writing is not easy.

There’s something about a blank page that makes most people feel lost and alone.  It’s as if the spirit of the forest from which that page was harvested lives in the sheet of paper, and creates a psychic backlash against your tiny animal brain.  It feels like an act of will to getting those first words down, and another greater one to not erase everything you’ve written after looking at it for a second time.  God help the poor soul who just sends his words out into the ether without a second glance.

And yet, writing is requires practice; it is its own exercise, a way to strengthen the sinews that make writing easier and more enjoyable (on both sides of the transaction).  If you ever hope to put together a sentence which you would like others to read joyfully, you need to start pushing the work out and getting your exercise.  And how breezy the feeling of having done, to defeat the tremulous feeling of having to do.

And so, at the suggestion of my good friend, Scott, I want to start using this space to capture my thoughts, and to exercise whatever meager talents for wordsmithing I have.  Hopefully, some of the posts you find here will be entertaining, thought provoking, or a gentle way to waste your time while procrastinating on the production of actual work.